THE INBOXXX: "Da Call Out" - Heresy

DJ Multiple Sex Partners: Welcome back to THE INBOXXX. Me and Hump Jones gaze into the abyss and make it look easy. Since I'm incredibly sick of mocking nerd rap, I've taken over for the rest of the month. First up, we've got a video with a whole fucking deal behind it.


DJ MSP: Yup. All ladies rap supergroup of artists that...well, that I've never heard of. Although I feel like I'm supposed to know who Monie Love is.

Hump Jones: I know Dominique Larue, she's been putting in work for a long time.

DJ MSP: Bet she doesn't know you, though. "Carolina Dirty" is an interesting name for a rapper, I'm pretty high but I think that might be genius as fuck.

Hump Jones: Could be. It just evokes the bus station in Fayetteville, for me. Opening bars: "Never camouflaged the flow, but I'm military minded / so when it comes to war, Carolina's never blinded" -- and as expected, we're in some 90's rap purist basement party doing DITC tribute mixtapes, just like that.

DJ MSP: That mid-south pocket is all 9th Wonder territory, man. What else were they gonna do? Dominique Larue coming with a more interesting flow pattern here. Starting to notice that a lot of this footage isn't really in focus, which is probably only annoying to me.

Hump Jones: Damn, and all of a sudden someone is rapping more than two syllables! Props to MyVERSE for putting in some work on structure. She gets harder to understand in the second half -- I don't think the drugs could be kicking in this soon.

DJ MSP: If you tell me you can see the footage being out of focus, I'll tell you that she's getting hard to understand.

Hump Jones: Deal, bud. Also, Amen to "FUCK WORLD STAR." Mostly since they never post my videos.

DJ MSP: I feel like I must have seen Monie Love live before and just forgotten about it. Very familiar.

Hump Jones: Very dope, too, best performance here by far. It's probably not a coincidence that she's the most comfortable on camera and the most natural sounding, in terms of delivery. MyVERSE was very "Here is My Rapper Voice," you know?

DJ MSP: I know. Overall, a decent slice of mixtape filler. Good summer song, nothing special.

Hump Jones: My takeaway is "Always close with a Nina Simone quote."

DJ MSP: ...I don't know any Nina Simone quotes.


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