#CLASSIC: "The Last Huzzah (Remix)" - Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire ft. Everyone

Photography against a white background: did you know Amazon patented that this year? God damn right. Remains to be seen whether they will pursue litigation over this NYC production. They clearly had a blast filming this, fun is contagious. (Unlike money.)

Music videos: the only thing clothing companies are good for anymore.


"Pale White Cutie Pie" - DJ Multiple Sex Partners

Since Sweaty Summer, the Ol' Dirty Russian has been seldom seen. That's probably a good thing in any language. Every year, though, World Around drops a new label compilation -- to the limited and laughable extent that what they do can be considered a "label" at all -- and Ivan Vilavonavich takes a break from his rollercoaster Hollywood life to dust off the MPC 1000 and get to work. The latest sculpture is this "Pale White Cutie Pie" jamalam, presumably inspired by, or dedicated to, Charlotte Stokely.

Word to Vault 46.


"Brick In Yo Face" - Stitches

This has been on repeat for awhile here in the RYR office. Unhinged Mystikal fan who loves selling blow -- LOVES SELLING BLOW -- gets the full B&W, Hi-Res, Strobe-Cut, Rental-Car 8.1 Trap Video Treatment here. And it's fucking awesome.

Stay classy, Florida. Don't ever change for nobody.