"Math" - Wombaticus Rex x Es-K

Fresh produce from NEKtones Studio. One big surprise about the response to this track: a lot of rap fans catch feelings on behalf of Socrates. I blame Inspectah Deck for this.


"People Hear What They See" - Oddisee

Dense, thoughtful, brilliant. This is one hell of an album.


"Wrecking Crew Presents Wu-Tang Pulp"

Day Two is a pretty easy pick: this Wu-Tang tribute project is completely unhinged, meticulously accurate yet casually blasphemous. It winds up taking nearly every track over the event horizon, from cover songs into something more like an unauthorized sequel. It also bangs.

The writing stays fresh and you probably don't have to get the 10,000 in-joke that got origami folded into fabric here in order to enjoy the show. As headphone candy and slow ride soundtrack, this is one hell of a trip.


"The Everafter LP" - Witness

Starting off 2014 with a week of album recommendations. This is a tasty, jazzy and distinctly boozy piece of art and a beautifully coherent album. That's rare enough to get some gushing praise from a grizzled hater like Uncle Hump. This album immediately finds an original angle and sticks to it, front to back.

Witness writes damn fine bars and also produces most of the tracks on this album. As I'm sure he would put it himself: this shit goes hard in the paint.