"Been a Long Year" - Wombaticus Rex

Cover art by The Memetic Supply Co.

Basically, everything I've threatened to drop at any point in my career is coming out this year. First up, a lost album from 2004, Been a Long Year. Back when Wombaticus Rex was still my sole project. Pretty much every track on this album is something I still get emails asking for copies of, so rather than bellyache about sound quality like a primadonna, we're doing the right thing and just releasing it. Enjoy.


Hump Jones - The Lamentations

Fresh Hump Jones for the party people. Some warm weather music. A preview slice from SQUIDTAPE, which (allegedly, of course) drops Summer 2013. (More news here.)


"They Call Me Castro" - Curly Castro

Dope to see a Real Yeti Rap favorite doing (really damn) good: Curly Castro got himself signed to Man Bites Dog records, one of the few remaining labels that actually means something. This is an opening salvo from his first project for them. It goes hawrd. Enjoy the show.


"High on Art" - Dewey Decibel

Fresh visuals from Philadelphia insurgent Dewey Decibel. This is urgent and awesome, an exceptionally colorful blast of a video. Obviously Mr. Decibel is Kinda Artistic, and in fact Algorhythms hired him to produce an awesome cover for us. He's reliable like that. Dig into the man's musical catalog and buy something good.