"Jeddore Premium Flow" - More Hump Jones Lyrics

Took way, way too long - hopefully this will brighten up some shitty day in the future. Fun Fact: This song is 94 bars. Why, though?

Jeddore Premium is Jim Lahey's weapon of choice from the apex of all television programming, Trailer Park Boys. It's an obscure off-brand version of Alberta Premium.

Ongoing media assault available via Channel Hump.


Rasheed Chappell - "Break Loose"

Rasheed Chappell does not fuck around with the flows. You can definitely hear a lot of Black Thought on this cut, but that's...not exactly a bad thing. Also not terrible: this genius-ass video for it, using simple effects and an artistic eye to get huge results. Psychedelic old school with a lunatic on the mic...real yeti rap shit. This is rad.

D-Sisive - No More Words

Took me a long time to grok this cat, I'll admit. Brutally depressing raps over low-key beats wasn't really my thing, but in recent years D-Sisive has evolved into a motherfucking monster. I have a deep respect for his career, his decisions and his story. There's a lot of Canuck talent that gets slept on -- precisely because asshole bloggers like me insist on labeling it "Canadian" instead of merely hip hop -- but this cat is near the top of that list, along with Flight Distance, Notes to Self and the goofy dope Jeff Spec.

Video was great and the animation here is flawlessly integrated. Clever, catchy, dope. D-Sisive FTW.


We Are World Around, Vol. 2

World Around Records Compilation

#WHALAM the 2012 compilation from World Around Records dropped at prime time this evening. Free download.


Notes to Self - "All of the Above"

Hell yes flows. These cats are point, especially the first two...and the third cat makes up for it on sheer mustache power alone. Although I would have preferred more bears in this video, I can understand why that didn't happen. This group is quality and I wish them the best in 2012. Video is funny, innovative and beautifully shot.

FRESH: Turntablism and LSD

"We take acid, drink OJ, and eat Subway sandwiches. And then scratch at two hundred beats per minute. Non-stop for eighteen hours. Subways, two hundred bpms, and acid. That's it."

From How to Wreck a Nice Beach: The Vocoder from WWII to Hip Hop by the extremely awesome Dave Tompkins:

DXT has made a living from this susurration. "That's why I'm here, I guess," he says with a weary smile. "I was the first to scratch that sound." DJ Disk, who trained on "Change the Beat," calls fresh the perfect freak accident. "We take acid, drink OJ, and eat Subway sandwiches. And then scratch at two hundred beats per minute. Non-stop for eighteen hours. Subways, two hundred bpms, and acid. That's it."

"When I was on acid, I would see things like beams of light... and I would hear sounds that sounded an awful lot like car horns." - Mitch Hedberg


"Sodapop & Bubblegum" - American Style Cardboard

Godforbid Doc Delay Thirtyseven

YES #DAUG ...YES. Been itching to release this for over a year. Doc Delay and Godforbid's project American Style Cardboard dropped at the beginning of 2012 and yours truly got some bars in on the final cut, Sodapop & Bubblegum. Godforbid is one of my all-time favorite rappers so being on a track with him is already an honor and all that rap nerd shit, but this one? FACEMELTER. Enjoy and check the whole album out.

(And when you're done, check out "Fear of Death and the Need for Reproduction.")


Humpasaur Jones - "Funeral Groupies"

Lyrics videos don't have to suck. Dig it.

Download the original track via Bandcamp.

Jean Grae - "U&Me&EveryoneWeKnow"

Fresh music from Jean Grae. I guess in 2012 Blu finally has EverybodyNamingSongsLikeThis now, though? Production by M-Phazes.

Essentialism: The Trials of Jean Grae - Village Voice