Can't Be Living in the Past, Yo

So yeah, we're back. That's obviously not a good thing, for anyone.

There have been good releases this year, lots of them. We're not going to cover very many of them here. That's not what this is about. This is about bearing witness to the carnal wreckage of celebrity culture. This is about documenting the End Times.

We're going to insult a lot of people this year, most of them shit-stupid genetic dead ends. That's inevitable in a country as great as America. All of us aspire; most of us are going to be losers. Such is Nature, motherfucker, and such is Life.

No amount of money could make Asher Roth successful. That kind of emergent group intelligence is what makes hip hop great, and make no mistake, brothers and sisters...hip hop is in better shape than ever in 2015. So please, join us in this orgy of Social Media Darwinism.

The inbox, as always, is YoHumpJones@gmail.com and any submission signifies your consent to be covered however we see fit. Know, in your heart of hearts, that we will not be charitable with your unique creative artistry. Know there there is nothing here but an infinite, whirling vortex of sharp objects shaped like nightmares.

We've often been accused of being "haters," but few things could be further from the truth. We're doing this because we love you all. We're doing this because we care enough ... to tell you to stop fucking rapping.

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