The ILLZ - To Know Your Place In The Universe

This whole video has the look and feel of a TV ad for a singles chat line or a dating website, and that's unfortunate. But also kind of hilarious.

The music is spacious enough to carry itself - they could have just done 2 minutes of amorphous, unfocused shapes in front of a black background and it would have been an effective video. The verse has the cadence of hypnosis yet still wouldn't sound out of place in any given cipher.

The ILLZ is living proof that you don't have to follow the formula. DIY hip hop heads, indie artists - do some research on the past 2 years of this cats career. He's made interesting moves and most of them have worked. It's rare to see an artist build his career around his identity...all too often, it works the other way.

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  1. Holy shit, this cut so deep they pulled the video.